Commit cd0a1339 authored by Marcell Fülöp's avatar Marcell Fülöp
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Use the view as connection context

parent bfeb0fb4
......@@ -614,11 +614,12 @@ void KateViewSpace::restoreConfig(KateViewManager *viewMan, const KConfigBase *c
// When a session is opened with a remote file being active, we need to wait
// with applying saved session settings until the remote's temp file is initialised.
if (!view->document()->url().isLocalFile()) {
auto *connCtx = new QObject(this); // use a dummy object as signal receiver
connect(doc, &KTextEditor::Document::textChanged, connCtx, [connCtx, view, configGroup](KTextEditor::Document *doc){
connCtx->deleteLater(); // destroying context also destroys connection
QSharedPointer<QMetaObject::Connection> conn(new QMetaObject::Connection());
auto handler = [conn, view, configGroup](KTextEditor::Document *doc){
*conn = connect(doc, &KTextEditor::Document::textChanged, view, handler);
} else {
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