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mention removed interface in docs

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......@@ -403,13 +403,14 @@ detail in this page, look into the particular class API documentation.
A KTextEditor::Factory class was introduced to access a specific Editor
implementation, read \ref kte_design for detailed information.
\section kte_port_remove Removed Interfaces
\section kte_port_remove Removed Interfaces and Removed Classes
Entirely removed interfaces and classes are, in order:
- \p KTextEditor::EditorChooser \n
Instead, just use \p KTextEditor::editor();
- \p SmartInterface (removed since KDE 4.5)
- \p SmartCursor, \p SmartRange, \p SmartCursorNotifier, \p SmartCursorWatcher,
\p SmartRangeNotifier, \p SmartRangeWatcher (already unspoorted since KDE 4.5)
- \p LoadSaveFilterCheckPlugin was removed, since it was unused.
\section kte_port_merge Merged Interfaces
The following interfaces were merged, in order:
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