Commit dc373916 authored by Alain Laporte's avatar Alain Laporte Committed by Christoph Cullmann
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Python parser: rename Globals to Functions

parent 3b02449c
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ void KatePluginSymbolViewerView::parsePythonSymbols(void)
m_macro->setText(i18n("Show Globals"));
m_macro->setText(i18n("Show Functions"));
m_struct->setText(i18n("Show Methods"));
m_func->setText(i18n("Show Classes"));
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ void KatePluginSymbolViewerView::parsePythonSymbols(void)
// kdDebug(13000)<<"Lines counted :"<<kv->numLines()<<endl;
if (m_treeOn->isChecked()) {
clsNode = new QTreeWidgetItem(m_symbols, QStringList(i18n("Classes")));
mcrNode = new QTreeWidgetItem(m_symbols, QStringList(i18n("Globals")));
mcrNode = new QTreeWidgetItem(m_symbols, QStringList(i18n("Functions")));
mcrNode->setIcon(0, m_icon_function);
clsNode->setIcon(0, m_icon_class);
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