Commit dc5d2cee authored by Waqar Ahmed's avatar Waqar Ahmed
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Fix focus toolview actions

Now they are properly added to actionCollection

(cherry picked from commit 85a3ead9)
parent 8f357766
Pipeline #274460 skipped
......@@ -191,7 +191,10 @@ void GUIClient::registerToolView(ToolView *tv)
aname = QStringLiteral("kate_mdi_focus_toolview_") + tv->id;
QAction *act = new QAction(i18n("Focus %1", tv->text), this);
actionCollection()->setDefaultShortcuts(act, shortcutsForActionName(aname));
actionCollection()->addAction(aname, act);
connect(act, &QAction::triggered, tv, [tv = QPointer(tv)] {
if (tv && tv->mainWindow()) {
if (!tv->isVisible()) {
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