Commit e525143c authored by Kåre Särs's avatar Kåre Särs
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Enable git-blame to see the initial commit

"git blame" adds '^' to the beginning of commit hash of the first
commit to the repository (or a blame search boundary).
parent 021cdc36
......@@ -260,7 +260,8 @@ void KateGitBlamePluginView::blameFinished(int /*exitCode*/, QProcess::ExitStatu
const static QRegularExpression lineReg(QStringLiteral("(\\S+)[^\\(]+\\((.*)\\s+(\\d\\d\\d\\d-\\d\\d-\\d\\dT\\d\\d:\\d\\d:\\d\\d\\S+)[^\\)]+\\)\\s(.*)"));
const static QRegularExpression lineReg(
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