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Update LSP docs to mention new features

- Add doc about Symbol Outline
- Add docs about Goto symbol dialog
- Add docs about clangd switch source header feature

- Need to add docs about what theme attributes are used for semantic
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......@@ -2456,6 +2456,58 @@ and so it may not be advisable to have both enabled at the same time.
<sect2 id="lspclient-go-to-symbol">
<title>Goto Symbol support</title>
LSP Client can help you jump to any symbol in your project or current file.
To jump to any symbol in the file, use the toolview "LSP Client Symbol Outline"
on the right border of kate. This toolview lists all symbols found by the server
in current document.
<sect3 id="lspclient-symbol-outline-config">
<title>Configuring LSP Client Symbol Outline</title>
By default the symbols are sorted by their occurrence in the
document but you can change the sort to be alphabetical. To do so, right click in
the toolview and check "Sort Alphabetically".
The toolview shows the symbols in tree mode by default, however you can change it to a list using the
context menu.
<sect3 id="lspclient-global-go-to-symbol">
<title>Global Goto symbol support</title>
To jump to any symbol in your project, you can open the goto symbol dialog using
<keycombo action="simul">&Ctrl;&Alt;<keycap>p</keycap></keycombo>.
The dialog is empty when it opens but as soon as you type something the dialog will start showing
you matching symbols. The quality of matches as well as filtering capabilities depend upon the server
that you use. For example, clangd supports fuzzy filtering but some other server may not.
<sect2 id="lspclient-extra">
<title>Other Features</title>
Clangd switch source header command is supported. To switch source header in a C or C++ project either use the "Switch Source Header"
option from the context menu or the shortcut <keycombo action="simul"><keycap>F12</keycap></keycombo>.
You can jump to a symbol quickly by putting your mouse over the symbol and then pressing
<keycombo action="simul">&Ctrl;</keycombo> + left mouse button.
<sect2 id="lspclient-configuration">
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