Commit efdec5c7 authored by Eugene Popov's avatar Eugene Popov 🇺🇦 Committed by Eric Armbruster
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[WelcomeView] Fix placeholder text

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......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ WelcomeView::WelcomeView(KateViewManager *viewManager, QWidget *parent)
labelRecentItems->setText(KateApp::isKate() ? i18n("Recent Documents and Projects") : i18n("Recent Documents"));
m_placeholderRecentFiles = new Placeholder;
m_placeholderRecentFiles->setText(i18n("No recent files"));
m_placeholderRecentFiles->setText(KateApp::isKate() ? i18n("No recent documents or projects") : i18n("No recent documents"));
QVBoxLayout *layoutPlaceholderRecentFiles = new QVBoxLayout;
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