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Sync docs with the current ktexteditor framework interface

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......@@ -170,12 +170,16 @@ Numbers</guilabel> or <guilabel>Always on</guilabel>.
<term><guilabel>Align dynamically wrapped lines
to indentation depth:
to indentation depth
<listitem><para>Enables the start of dynamically wrapped
lines to be aligned vertically to the indentation level of the first
line. This can help to make code and markup more
readable.</para><para>Additionally, this allows you to
line. This can help to make code and markup more
<term><guilabel>Indent wrapped lines
<listitem><para>Additionally, this allows you to
set a maximum width of the screen, as a percentage,
after which dynamically wrapped lines will no longer be vertically aligned.
For example, at 50%, lines whose indentation levels are deeper than 50% of the
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