Commit fabd4630 authored by Christopher Yeleighton's avatar Christopher Yeleighton Committed by Christoph Cullmann
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Delete unfilled entries in tool config group

BUG: 437419
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......@@ -123,29 +123,32 @@ void KateExternalTool::load(const KConfigGroup &cg)
hasexec = checkExec();
static inline void writeStringEntry(KConfigGroup &cg, const char *key, const QString &value)
template < class Value >
static inline void writeEntryMaybe(KConfigGroup &cg, const char *key, const Value &value)
if (!value.isEmpty()) {
if (value.isEmpty()) {
else {
cg.writeEntry(key, value);
void KateExternalTool::save(KConfigGroup &cg) const
writeStringEntry(cg, "category", category);
writeStringEntry(cg, "name", name);
writeStringEntry(cg, "icon", icon);
writeStringEntry(cg, "executable", executable);
writeStringEntry(cg, "arguments", arguments);
writeStringEntry(cg, "input", input);
writeStringEntry(cg, "workingDir", workingDir);
if (!mimetypes.empty()) {
cg.writeEntry("mimetypes", mimetypes);
writeStringEntry(cg, "actionName", actionName);
writeStringEntry(cg, "cmdname", cmdname);
writeStringEntry(cg, "save", toString(saveMode));
writeStringEntry(cg, "output", toString(outputMode));
writeEntryMaybe(cg, "category", category);
writeEntryMaybe(cg, "name", name);
writeEntryMaybe(cg, "icon", icon);
writeEntryMaybe(cg, "executable", executable);
writeEntryMaybe(cg, "arguments", arguments);
writeEntryMaybe(cg, "input", input);
writeEntryMaybe(cg, "workingDir", workingDir);
writeEntryMaybe(cg, "mimetypes", mimetypes);
writeEntryMaybe(cg, "actionName", actionName);
writeEntryMaybe(cg, "cmdname", cmdname);
writeEntryMaybe(cg, "save", toString(saveMode));
writeEntryMaybe(cg, "output", toString(outputMode));
// a logical value is never empty
cg.writeEntry("reload", reload);
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