Commit fae09d2e authored by Marcell Fülöp's avatar Marcell Fülöp Committed by Christoph Cullmann
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Make sure ViewSpace config groups are preserved on exit in a session

when their document does not have any views (because their tab was never activated).

BUG 433581
parent da0c8e21
......@@ -330,7 +330,11 @@ void KateSessionManager::saveSessionTo(KConfig *sc) const
// Clear the session file to avoid to accumulate outdated entries
for (const auto &group : sc->groupList()) {
// Don't delete groups for loaded documents that have
// VeiwSpace config in session but do not have any views.
if (!isViewLessDocumentViewSpaceGroup(group)) {
// save plugin configs and which plugins to load
......@@ -639,4 +643,21 @@ void KateSessionManager::updateJumpListActions(const QStringList &sessionList)
df->desktopGroup().writeXdgListEntry("Actions", newActions);
bool KateSessionManager::isViewLessDocumentViewSpaceGroup(const QString &group) {
if (!group.startsWith(QStringLiteral("MainWindow"))) return false;
QRegExp re(QStringLiteral("^MainWindow\\d+-ViewSpace\\s\\d+\\s(.*)$"));
if (group.indexOf(re) > -1) {
QUrl url(re.cap(1));
auto *docMan = KateApp::self()->documentManager();
auto *doc = docMan->findDocument(url);
bool anonSession = KateApp::self()->sessionManager()->activeSession()->isAnonymous();
if (doc && doc->views().empty() && docMan->documentList().contains(doc) && !anonSession) {
return true;
return false;
// END KateSessionManager
......@@ -217,6 +217,19 @@ private:
void updateJumpListActions(const QStringList &sessionList);
* Given a config group name, determines if the group represents
* a session ViewSpace group (i.e. "MainWindowN-ViewSpace N [doc url]")
* and, if so,
* - returns TRUE if the document referred to has no views
* and the session is not anonymous;
* - returns FALSE otherwise.
* A document does not have a view when it is opened in a named session
* until its tab is activated.
static bool isViewLessDocumentViewSpaceGroup(const QString &group) ;
* absolute path to dir in home dir where to store the sessions
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