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    • Waqar Ahmed's avatar
      Allow / separated pattern to filter same filename across different directories · acf9d142
      Waqar Ahmed authored and Christoph Cullmann's avatar Christoph Cullmann committed
      Suppose you have the following dir structure:
      Using quickopen it is very difficult to find the main.cpp that you want.
      This is because we remove the filename from the path so the filter
      doesn't work if you try for e.g "ab/ma".
      For now, I have made it so that the filename is always present in the
      path but is removed during display. This allows for more flexible
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    • Waqar Ahmed's avatar
      Improve the UI for quick-open · d7f2aa6d
      Waqar Ahmed authored
      The UI for quick-open is now smaller, takes 1 / 3 of the editor
      window. Both path and file name are taken into account when filtering
      for a match by default now.
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    • Christoph Cullmann's avatar
      [PATCH] Quick Open: fix LRU listing regression · 2fdd8c14
      Christoph Cullmann authored
      The quick open list used to be sorted by order of access (the old code
      called it LRU order). Commit d6e38c0c broke this.
      The first sort() call is changed to stable_sort() in order to preserve
      the "bold" field and the new "sort_id" field. A comment warns about this
      subtle and easy to break requirement. This change was needed to sort the
      file list by LRU (files not in the sortedViews list have no sort_id set,
      and thus are sorted below all LRU sorted entries).
      stable_sort() should be slower than sort(), although the C++ standard
      promises the same algorithmic complexity. On the other hand, this change
      also lets us get rid of the openedUrls string list and the associated
      linear search.
      The second sort must always be a stable_sort(). This is a bug in the
      previous code. It sorted only on the "bold" field, which means
      everything else can be reordered as sort() likes. Even if it "worked",
      it was buggy.
      To completely restore the old behavior, select the second entry by
      default in the quick open list. This is so that you can quickly switch
      between the two last recently accessed files. The old code actually
      selected the first entry if the sortedViews list contained less than 2
      elements - keep that behavior too.
      Author: Vincent Lang
      BUG: 407103
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    • Gregor Mi's avatar
      Quick Open: Remove "file:///" prefix from file paths · a7ba6eb0
      Gregor Mi authored
      In the second column, remove all "file:///" prefixes from the file paths.
      Screenshot BEFORE:
      (Note, that the screenshot was taken at a time where the file paths in the upper section where not bold (before d6e38c0c). Now, the items in the first and second column are both bold)
      Reviewers: #kate, cullmann
      Reviewed By: #kate, cullmann
      Subscribers: cullmann, kfunk, gregormi, broulik, dhaumann, tcanabrava, kwrite-devel
      Tags: #kate
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D16204
  24. 17 Oct, 2018 1 commit
    • Tomaz  Canabrava's avatar
      Fix Duplicates on Quick Open File · d6e38c0c
      Tomaz Canabrava authored
      The logic on the quick open was overcomplex, and it led to
      bugs while filling the document list.
      The new logic fills a vector with all the files,
      organizes them by Url, remove the files based on the
      duplicated url's (so name matching doesn't matter) and only
      then starts to populate the view.
      I belive this is also faster than the old code as I minimized
      the amount of memory allocations and deallocations.
      I'm unsure about the use of QFileInfo in the end of the code as
      we can have too many files there and creating a temporary
      QFileInfo just to get the name is a huge overhead, we can do a split('/').last()
      for the file name. I'll do some measurements with that.
      Reviewers: cullmann, brauch, neundorf
      Reviewed By: cullmann
      Subscribers: gregormi, dhaumann, kwrite-devel
      Tags: #kate
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D15804