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    • Waqar Ahmed's avatar
      Only match last section of pattern when matching for path · 602386d3
      Waqar Ahmed authored
      Since filenames are very unlikely to contain a '/', take the last portion
      of the pattern to match filename because otherwise we just waste cpu
      trying to match a pattern that will never match a path.
      Also, when just matching filename, if the file path == file name,
      give it extra score. Such files are files that are present in project
      root dir and matching them directly becomes hard if there are many
      files with the same name in the project. Consider:
      On typing "cmake"
      the first one will appear at top. If one really wants some other cmake
      file, one can jump to that easily using path matching: s/cmake
    • Waqar Ahmed's avatar
      Extra point for already opened file · c2105380
      Waqar Ahmed authored
      If a file is already opened, give it one extra point. This gives priority
      to opened files over non-opened ones by a slight margin and is mainly
      useful for cases where you have two files with very similar names and
      same score.
      kate.h => opened
      kate.cpp => not opened
      both have same score, but if .h is opened, it will appear above cpp
    • Waqar Ahmed's avatar
      Only match filename by default in quickopen · 01abd0d5
      Waqar Ahmed authored
      Firstly, I think it was just a very poor decision to match both if
      filename matched. When filename got matched, it is unnecessary to match
      the path and can lead to worse results if we do it. Consider files:
      First file match will happen, which most likely gives us the first file
      for a pattern "fv". But then path matching which can ruin this result
      and give some other irrelevant match a higher score leading to worse
      results in quickopen
      In kate, we work with files (from a user POV). User mostly sees filename
      and will most likely be matching against file names, and rarely against
      The other benefit that this gives is HUGELY better performance. This is
      atleast 2x faster, so with large repos quick open will be much nicer to
      if one really wants to match a path, then specifying a pattern like:
      will do it. This is already supported, so it isn't something new.
  9. 18 Jan, 2022 1 commit
    • Christoph Cullmann's avatar
      always sort views by usage · b1802f4a
      Christoph Cullmann authored
      this will allow e.g. the KTextEditor implementation
      to be able to access the proper most recently used
      view without extra interfacing
      naturally one will need to adapt the documentation
      in the interface, but I think this is nicer than
      to expose and extra sortedView thing, given the
      sorting should not be that costly anyways
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    • Waqar Ahmed's avatar
      Dont set cursor position at all if cursor invalid · ae37e978
      Waqar Ahmed authored
      - Cursor isn't set if line is invalid
      - Some Event handling is removed as we inherit from QMenu and its just
      - No input line clear() anymore. Widget just gets destroyed afterwards, who cares
    • Waqar Ahmed's avatar
      Quick open improvements · aa785883
      Waqar Ahmed authored
      - Allow opening a file at a specifc line:col. This will happen if you
      add a ':' at the end and specify line and column. For example:
      will open a file the selected file in tree at line 201 and column 18 (if
      they exist).
      - On clearing filter text, try to restore the sorting i.e., bring opened
      documents at the top again.
      Signed-off-by: Waqar Ahmed's avatarWaqar Ahmed <waqar.17a@gmail.com>
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