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      split project settings into shared and local parts · 4a8234a4
      Héctor Mesa Jiménez authored
      When working with certain languages, it could be useful
      to keep the `.kateproject` file tracked by a VCS and share
      the global settings (just like .kateconfig). However, it
      is often needed to adapt that file in order to work in a
      local workspace (hard-coded paths for LSP, build, etc.),
      but right now you are forced to track the whole configuration
      or to keep `.kateproject` out from the repository.
      This patch allows to separate the project settings in two
      files: the shared one (the good old `.kateproject`), and
      a local one.
      When a `.kateproject` file is found, the plugin will look
      for the local file, and when found, its values will take
      The file for the local part of the project settings follows
      the same convention than the project notes file:
      If the value defined in the local part is an object, it will
      be merged with the object in `.kateproject`. Otherwise, the
      local value will override completely the shared value.
      One use case is to allow the LSP server to be aware of a
      python module installed only in a virtual environment.
      Since this changes uses the function to merge json object
      from the lspclient plugin, that function is moved to the
      shared folder. Tests in kate/autotest.
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