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Only match filename by default in quickopen

Waqar Ahmed requested to merge work/improve-quickopen into master

Reasoning: Firstly, I think it was just a very poor decision to match both if filename matched. When filename got matched, it is unnecessary to match the path and can lead to worse results if we do it. Consider files:

files/views/to/FileViewModel.cpp ...

First file match will happen, which most likely gives us the first file for a pattern "fv". But then path matching which can ruin this result and give some other irrelevant match a higher score leading to worse results in quickopen

In kate, we work with files (from a user POV). User mostly sees filename and will most likely be matching against file names, and rarely against paths.

The other benefit that this gives is HUGELY better performance. This is atleast 2x faster, so with large repos quick open will be much nicer to use.

if one really wants to match a path, then specifying a pattern like:


will do it. This is already supported, so it isn't something new.

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