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Commit 001dac5b authored by Michal Humpula's avatar Michal Humpula

make find previous button in searchbar in vi-mode work

REVIEW: 114763
BUG: 329468
parent 55623327
......@@ -590,6 +590,12 @@ bool KateSearchBar::find(SearchDirection searchDirection, const QString * replac
KateMatch match(m_view->doc(), enabledOptions);
Range afterReplace = Range::invalid();
// FIXME: in KF5 remove dependency on viInputMode
if (m_view->viInputMode() && searchDirection == SearchBackward) {
const Cursor end(inputRange.end().line(), inputRange.end().column() - 1);
inputRange.setRange(inputRange.start(), end);
// Find, first try
match.searchText(inputRange, searchPattern());
if (match.isValid() && match.range() == selection) {
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