Commit 13917d21 authored by Christoph Cullmann's avatar Christoph Cullmann

fix crash on open document if only one document that is untitled and fresh is around

parent 81dfc45e
......@@ -187,25 +187,8 @@ void KateViewSpace::removeView(KTextEditor::View *v)
// first check wheter this view is the active one
const bool wasActive = (v == currentView());
// ...and now: remove from view space
// the last recently used view/document is always at the end of the list
if (wasActive && m_lruDocList.size() >= 2) {
KTextEditor::Document * doc = m_lruDocList.last();
if (m_docToView.contains(doc)) {
} else {
m_viewManager->createView(doc, this);
} else {
// FIXME: what to do?
//m_viewManager->createView(some document?!, this);
bool KateViewSpace::showView(KTextEditor::Document *document)
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