Commit 9c3e92c9 authored by Kåre Särs's avatar Kåre Särs

Make connection unique to not trigger flood of slot calls.

One more regression due to modernization of connect()
parent c1e2b135
......@@ -225,10 +225,10 @@ void KatePluginSymbolViewerView::slotDocChanged()
KTextEditor::View *view = m_mainWindow->activeView();
//qDebug()<<"Document changed !!!!" << view;
if (view) {
connect(view, &KTextEditor::View::cursorPositionChanged, this, &KatePluginSymbolViewerView::cursorPositionChanged);
connect(view, &KTextEditor::View::cursorPositionChanged, this, &KatePluginSymbolViewerView::cursorPositionChanged, Qt::UniqueConnection);
if (view->document()) {
connect(view->document(), &KTextEditor::Document::textChanged, this, &KatePluginSymbolViewerView::slotDocEdited);
connect(view->document(), &KTextEditor::Document::textChanged, this, &KatePluginSymbolViewerView::slotDocEdited, Qt::UniqueConnection);
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