Commit baf33965 authored by Dominik Haumann's avatar Dominik Haumann

fix sizing of view space bar switchers

parent 8bb2c6d3
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......@@ -33,11 +33,9 @@ class KConfigBase;
class QToolButton;
* The \p KateTabBar class provides a tab bar, e.g. for tabbed documents and
* supports multiple rows. The tab bar hides itself if there are no tabs.
* The \p KateTabBar class provides a tab bar, e.g. for tabbed documents.
* It implements the API from TrollTech's \p QTabBar with some minor changes
* and additions.
* The API closely follows the API of QTabBar.
* @author Dominik Haumann
......@@ -77,24 +75,24 @@ public:
int addTab(const QString &text);
int addTab(const QIcon &pixmap, const QString &text);
void removeTab(int button_id);
void removeTab(int index);
int currentTab() const;
// corresponding SLOT: void setCurrentTab( int button_id );
// corresponding SLOT: void setCurrentTab( int index );
bool containsTab(int button_id) const;
bool containsTab(int index) const;
void setTabToolTip(int button_id, const QString &tip);
QString tabToolTip(int button_id) const;
void setTabToolTip(int index, const QString &tip);
QString tabToolTip(int index) const;
void setTabText(int button_id, const QString &text);
QString tabText(int button_id) const;
void setTabText(int index, const QString &text);
QString tabText(int index) const;
void setTabIcon(int button_id, const QIcon &pixmap);
QIcon tabIcon(int button_id) const;
void setTabIcon(int index, const QIcon &pixmap);
QIcon tabIcon(int index) const;
void setTabModified(int button_id, bool modified);
bool isTabModified(int button_id) const;
void setTabModified(int index, bool modified);
bool isTabModified(int index) const;
int count() const;
......@@ -104,21 +102,23 @@ public:
void setHighlightMarks(const QMap<QString, QString> &marks);
QMap<QString, QString> highlightMarks() const;
int maxTabCount() const;
public Q_SLOTS:
void setCurrentTab(int button_id); // does not emit signal
void setCurrentTab(int index); // does not emit signal
void removeHighlightMarks();
void raiseTab(int buttonId);
void raiseTab(int index);
* This signal is emitted whenever the current activated tab changes.
void currentChanged(int button_id);
void currentChanged(int index);
* This signal is emitted whenever a tab should be closed.
void closeRequest(int button_id);
void tabCloseRequested(int index);
* This signal is emitted whenever a highlight mark changes.
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