Commit c29012fd authored by Waqar Ahmed's avatar Waqar Ahmed Committed by Christoph Cullmann
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Fixed colors for parameters for some themes

This change hardcodes color values for variable parameter for some of
the themes we have as a special case to provide better highlighting. For
the rest we still use the "Variable" text-style.
parent 5748e432
......@@ -38,12 +38,38 @@ void SemanticHighlighting::themeChange(KTextEditor::Editor *e)
QColor v = QColor::fromRgba(theme.textColor(Style::Variable));
if (!fixedAttrs[1])
fixedAttrs[1] = new KTextEditor::Attribute();
// This is only for function parameter which are not
// directly supported by themes so we load some hard
// coded values here for some of the themes we have
// and for others we just read the "Variable" text-style.
QColor v;
bool italic = false;
static const char MonokaiVP[] = "#fd971f";
static const char DraculaVP[] = "#ffb86c";
static const char AyuDarkLightVP[] = "#a37acc";
static const char AyuMirageVP[] = "#d4bfff";
if ( == QStringLiteral("Monokai")) {
v = QColor(MonokaiVP);
italic = true;
} else if ( == QStringLiteral("Dracula")) {
v = QColor(DraculaVP);
italic = true;
} else if ( == QStringLiteral("ayu Light") || == QStringLiteral("ayu Dark")) {
v = QColor(AyuDarkLightVP);
} else if ( == QStringLiteral("ayu Mirage")) {
v = QColor(AyuMirageVP);
} else {
v = QColor::fromRgba(theme.textColor(Style::Variable));
italic = theme.isItalic(Style::Variable);
QColor c = QColor::fromRgba(theme.textColor(Style::Constant));
if (!fixedAttrs[2])
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