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kate/README: add a minimal list of build dependencies

Summary: Using this list the compile time can be reduced to a minimum when rebuilding Kate.

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## Building
With kdesrc-build with minimal set of (transitive) dependencies:
kdesrc-build extra-cmake-modules syntax-highlighting karchive kconfig kguiaddons ki18n kcoreaddons kwidgetsaddons kjobwidgets kdbusaddons kauth kcodecs kdoctools kconfigwidgets kitemviews kwindowsystem kcrash kservice solid kiconthemes kcompletion sonnet ktextwidgets attica kglobalaccel breeze-icons kxmlgui kbookmarks knotifications kwallet kio kparts ktexteditor kactivities kitemmodels knewstuff threadweaver kate
For the list which definitively works but might contain also unneeded modules, run
kdesrc-build --pretend --include-dependencies syntax-highlighting ktexteditor kate
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