Commit d5ae89b8 authored by Niklas Freund's avatar Niklas Freund
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Made restore from maximized workaround more reliable

parent 4c4d136f
......@@ -2665,15 +2665,19 @@ void KCalculator::resizeEvent(QResizeEvent* event)
// Call the overridden resize event
// If the content size is now larger than the window size, resize window to fit
// (Workaround for bug where changing from simple to science mode in maximized state
// and then restoring results in the window being too small for content)
QSize contentSize = firstVerticalLayout->contentsRect().size();
QSize contentSize = KCalculator::contentsRect().size();
QMargins contentMargins = KCalculator::contentsMargins();
QSize windowSize = KCalculator::frameSize();
if (contentSize.width() + contentMargins.left() + contentMargins.right() > windowSize.width() || contentSize.height() + + contentMargins.bottom() > windowSize.height()) {
KCalculator::resize(0,0); // force window as small as possible for current layout
QSize actualSize(contentSize.width() + contentMargins.left() + contentMargins.right(),
contentSize.height() + + contentMargins.bottom());
QSize minSize = KCalculator::minimumSize();
if (actualSize.width() < minSize.width() || actualSize.height() < minSize.height()) {
KCalculator::resize(minSize); // force window as small as possible for current layout
// Adjust button fonts
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