Commit b5afdc16 authored by Jonathan Riddell's avatar Jonathan Riddell 🏄
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add missing comment for appstream compliance

parent f620cbba
...@@ -151,5 +151,6 @@ Name[xh]=Itshati yokukheta i K ...@@ -151,5 +151,6 @@ Name[xh]=Itshati yokukheta i K
Name[x-test]=xxKCharSelectxx Name[x-test]=xxKCharSelectxx
Name[zh_CN]=KCharSelect Name[zh_CN]=KCharSelect
Name[zh_TW]=KDE 字元選擇 Name[zh_TW]=KDE 字元選擇
Comment=Browse all unicode characters
StartupNotify=true StartupNotify=true
Categories=Qt;KDE;Utility; Categories=Qt;KDE;Utility;
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