Commit 45529c88 authored by Sebastian Kügler's avatar Sebastian Kügler

add a few missing kscreen categories

parent 7ea9fb97
......@@ -71,10 +71,15 @@ log_fourinline kdegames (kfourinline)
powerdevil powerdevil
log_user_manager user manager
log_kioremote kioslave (kioremove)
kscreen.kded kscreen (kded)
kscreen libkscreen
kscreen.console kscreen (kscreen-console utility) libkscreen (kscreen-doctor utility)
kscreen.dpms kscreen DPMS
kscreen.edid libkscreen (edid)
kscreen.fake libkscreen (fake backend)
kscreen.kded kscreen (kded)
kscreen.kwayland libkscreen (kwayland backend)
kscreen.kwayland.testserver libkscreen (kwayland test server)
kscreen.qscreen libkscreen (qscreen backend)
kscreen.xcb.helper libkscreen (xcb helper)
kscreen.xrandr libkscreen (xrandr backend)
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