Commit a00e1d8f authored by David Faure's avatar David Faure

add the kf5 debug areas

parent b4fe63c8
# Format : logname<space>description
org.kde.kio.kpasswdserver KPasswdServer (KIO)
org.kde.kurifilter-ikws KUriFilter IKWS (KIO)
org.kde.kurifilter-shorturi KUriFilter Shorturi (KIO)
BluezQt BluezQt
kf5.kauth KAuth
kf5.kcoreaddons.kdirwatch KDirWatch (KCoreAddons)
kf5.kded KDED
kf5.kiconthemes KIconThemes
kf5.kinit.klauncher KLauncher
kf5.kio.core KIOCore (KIO)
kf5.kiod KIO Daemon (KIO)
kf5.kio.kio_http KIO HTTP slave (KIO)
kf5.kjobwidgets KJobWidgets
kf5.kservice.sycoca KSycoca (KService)
kf5.kxmlgui KXMLGui
kglobalaccel-runtime KGlobalAccel
knewstuff KNewStuff
log_kxmlrpcclient KXmlRPCClient
modemmanager-qt ModemManagerQt
networkmanager-qt NetworkManagerQt
org.kde.baloo Baloo
org.kde.kactivities.activities KActivities Activities
org.kde.kactivities.application KActivities Application
org.kde.kactivities.lib.core KActivities Library
org.kde.kactivities.resources KActivities Resources
org.kde.kf5.idletime KIdleTime
org.kde.knotifications KNotifications
org.kde.krunner KRunner
org.kde.ktexteditor KTextEditor
org.kde.kwindowsystem KWindowSystem
sonnet.plugins.hunspell HUnspell (Sonnet)
sonnet.plugins.voikko Voikko (Sonnet)
log_kcalutils kcalutils (pim lib)
log_kimap kimap (pim lib)
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