Commit ba4c9033 authored by Armin K's avatar Armin K

Add categories for kscreen

Acked by dvratil
parent 96c9c686
......@@ -68,6 +68,14 @@ log_fourinline kdegames (kfourinline)
powerdevil powerdevil
log_user_manager user manager
log_kioremote kioslave (kioremove)
kscreen.kded kscreen (kded)
kscreen libkscreen
kscreen.edid libkscreen (edid)
kscreen.fake libkscreen (fake backend)
kscreen.qscreen libkscreen (qscreen backend)
kscreen.xcb_helper libkscreen (xcb helper)
kscreen.xrandr libkscreen (xrandr backend)
kscreen.xrandr11 libkscreen (xrandr1.1 backend)
ksmserver ksmserver
libksysguard libksysguard
log_kio_man kioslave (kio_man)
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