Commit f50220d1 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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Now kdebugsettings uses renamecategories

parent 6113a921
......@@ -45,5 +45,6 @@ if (BUILD_TESTING)
add_subdirectory( autotests )
install( FILES data/kde.categories DESTINATION ${KDE_INSTALL_CONFDIR} )
install( FILES data/kde.renamecategories DESTINATION ${KDE_INSTALL_CONFDIR} )
......@@ -39,20 +39,20 @@ sonnet.plugins.hunspell HUnspell (Sonnet)
sonnet.plugins.voikko Voikko (Sonnet)
# kde/pim
log_kcalutils kcalutils (pim lib)
log_kimap kimap (pim lib)
log_kidentitymanagement kidentitymanagement (pim lib)
log_kcontacts kcontacts (pim lib)
log_ktnef ktnef (pim lib)
log_mailtransport mailtransport (pim lib)
log_kmbox kmbox (pim lib)
log_kblog kblog (pim lib)
log_kcalcore kcalcore (pim lib)
log_kalarmcal kalarmcal (pim lib)
log_kontactinterface kontactinterface (pim lib)
log_kxmlrpcclient kxmlrpcclient (pim lib)
log_ldap ldap (pim lib)
log_akonadicalendar akonadicalendar (pim lib)
org.kde.pim.kcalutils kcalutils (pim lib)
org.kde.pim.kimap kimap (pim lib)
org.kde.pim.kidentitymanagement kidentitymanagement (pim lib)
org.kde.pim.kcontacts kcontacts (pim lib)
org.kde.pim.ktnef ktnef (pim lib)
org.kde.pim.mailtransport mailtransport (pim lib)
org.kde.pim.kmbox kmbox (pim lib)
org.kde.pim.kblog kblog (pim lib)
org.kde.pim.kcalcore kcalcore (pim lib)
org.kde.pim.kalarmcal kalarmcal (pim lib)
org.kde.pim.kontactinterface kontactinterface (pim lib)
org.kde.pim.kxmlrpcclient kxmlrpcclient (pim lib)
org.kde.pim.ldap ldap (pim lib)
org.kde.pim.akonadicalendar akonadicalendar (pim lib)
log_akonadicore akonadicore
# pim module
log_kmbox org.kde.pim.kmbox
log_ldap org.kde.pim.ldap
log_kimap org.kde.pim.kimap
log_kontactinterface org.kde.pim.kontactinterface
log_kidentitymanagement org.kde.pim.kidentitymanagement
log_kcontacts org.kde.pim.kcontacts
log_mailtransport org.kde.pim.mailtransport
log_kcalcore org.kde.pim.kcalcore
log_kcalutils org.kde.pim.kcalutils
log_ktnef org.kde.pim.ktnef
log_kblog org.kde.pim.kblog
log_kalarm org.kde.pim.kalarm
log_kxmlrpcclient org.kde.pim.kxmlrpcclient
log_akonadicalendar org.kde.pim.akonadicalendar
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