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add comments for appstream happyness...

add comments for appstream happyness
parent a3b00902
...@@ -143,6 +143,7 @@ GenericName[xh]=Jonga Ukusebenziseka KweDiskic ...@@ -143,6 +143,7 @@ GenericName[xh]=Jonga Ukusebenziseka KweDiskic
GenericName[x-test]=xxView Disk Usagexx GenericName[x-test]=xxView Disk Usagexx
GenericName[zh_CN]=查看磁盘使用状况 GenericName[zh_CN]=查看磁盘使用状况
GenericName[zh_TW]=檢視磁碟使用情形 GenericName[zh_TW]=檢視磁碟使用情形
Comment=Displays information about hard disks and other storage devices
Terminal=false Terminal=false
X-DocPath=kdf/index.html X-DocPath=kdf/index.html
X-KDE-StartupNotify=true X-KDE-StartupNotify=true
...@@ -145,5 +145,6 @@ GenericName[xh]=Umdlali wezoSasazo ...@@ -145,5 +145,6 @@ GenericName[xh]=Umdlali wezoSasazo
GenericName[x-test]=xxRemovable Media Utilityxx GenericName[x-test]=xxRemovable Media Utilityxx
GenericName[zh_CN]=可移动介质工具 GenericName[zh_CN]=可移动介质工具
GenericName[zh_TW]=可移動媒體公用程式 GenericName[zh_TW]=可移動媒體公用程式
Comment=Panel icon to mount and unmount disks
Terminal=false Terminal=false
Categories=Qt;KDE;System; Categories=Qt;KDE;System;
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