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# Keysmith
Keysmith is an application to generate two-factor authentication (2FA) tokens when logging in to your (online) accounts. Currently it supports both HOTP and TOTP tokens.
It uses the [oath-toolkit]( provided library liboath to generate the 2FA codes, both TOTP and HOTP based. Currently it is largely untested. From initial rough testing it seems that auto-refreshing of code is not working. Also button to refresh token for HOTP is also dummy at moment.
Some todo items include,
Some todo items include:
- QR code scanning
- Backup and Restore of accounts
This code is largely based on the [authenticator-ng]( application by the Rodney Dawes and Michael Zanetti for the Ubuntu Touch.
Originally this code was based largely on the [authenticator-ng]( application by the Rodney Dawes and Michael Zanetti for Ubuntu Touch.
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