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    • Nicolás Alvarez's avatar
      ci: Add build dir as an artifact to keep static analysis working · befe8a2b
      Nicolás Alvarez authored
      Currently GitLab CI uploads the whole build directory as an artifact,
      configured in the shared ci-before.yml in ci-tooling. This is necessary
      for the static analysis job to work. However, it's very wasteful for the
      majority of repositories that don't use the static analysis job, so we'll
      soon remove that from the shared config.
      This commit explicitly adds the build dir to the list of artifacts to
      ensure that the static analysis job continues to work in Keysmith after
      the shared CI config is changed.
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  14. 30 Oct, 2020 3 commits
    • Johan Ouwerkerk's avatar
      feat: support receiving a new account via otpauth:// URI from the commandline in the UI · bc91de7e
      Johan Ouwerkerk authored
      This change implements necessary control flow to pick up on accounts being passed to Keysmith via commandline options.
      This change covers UX only for the happy flow case in which the received account is a valid otpauth:// URI.
      If such an URI is passed to Keysmith, then the Add Account form is automatically pushed on the page stack and pre-populated with data received from the commandline.
      With this UX, if the account is valid the user may either accept it immediately or tweak settings (most likely account name/issuer) to make it valid.
      Issues: #7, #14
    • Johan Ouwerkerk's avatar
      feat: add actions to dismiss/cancel the add account form · b0bc8981
      Johan Ouwerkerk authored
      Users may now cancel adding an account and dismiss the page.
      This change is particularly relevant in the context of an account that is being added via URI passed on the commandline: the user may now explicitly reject it.
      Additionally quitting Keysmith from the add account form is now also supported, hidden behding a boolean flag.
      This will be useful for the initial page when receiving an account via URI from the commandline: the user may reject the account and quit Keysmith via a single action.
      Issues: #7, #14
    • Johan Ouwerkerk's avatar
      feat: add a page to recover when an account turns out to be already used while adding it · 92e92557
      Johan Ouwerkerk authored
      This page is a bit of a bodge for the fact that the current Accounts model must be 'unlocked' before it can be used.
      In turn, this means that it is not straightforward to check that an account is still 'available' when presenting the user with the option to add an account received via URI from the commandline.
      The solution implemented here is to check and let the user recover after unlocking, if necessary.
      Issues: #7, #14
  15. 27 Oct, 2020 9 commits