Commit 07f5a1b6 authored by Andrius Štikonas's avatar Andrius Štikonas
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Show warning before deleting photo.

parent b5778e9b
......@@ -956,6 +956,9 @@ void KeysManager::slotDeletePhoto()
QString mess = i18n("<qt>Are you sure you want to delete Photo id <b>%1</b><br/>from key <b>%2 &lt;%3&gt;</b>?</qt>",
und->getId(), parent->getName(), parent->getEmail());
if (KMessageBox::warningContinueCancel(0, mess) != KMessageBox::Continue)
KGpgDelUid *deluid = new KGpgDelUid(this, und);
connect(deluid, &KGpgDelUid::done, this, &KeysManager::slotDelPhotoFinished);
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