Commit 9c273f89 authored by Andrius Štikonas's avatar Andrius Štikonas
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parent 4822b13b
......@@ -21,14 +21,14 @@
#include <QApplication>
#include <QKeySequence>
#include <KLocale>
#include <KLocalizedString>
class KeysManager;
class KGpgExternalActions;
class QCommandLineParser;
class QString;
static const char * const EMailTemplateText=I18N_NOOP(
static const QString EMailTemplateText=i18n(
"Hi,\n\nplease find attached the user id '%UIDNAME%' of your key %KEYID% signed by me. "
"This mail is encrypted with that key to make sure you control both the email address and the key.\n\n"
"If you have multiple user ids, I sent the signature for each user id separately to that user id's associated email address. "
......@@ -264,7 +264,7 @@
<group name="Key Signing">
<entry name="EmailTemplate" type="String" key="Email_Template">
<label>This is the text of the email sent by the "Sign and Mail User ID" action.</label>
<default code="true">i18n(EMailTemplateText)</default>
<default code="true">EMailTemplateText</default>
<entry name="MailUats" type="Enum" key="Mail_Uats">
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