Verified Commit a84e2d1f authored by Vladislav Glinsky's avatar Vladislav Glinsky
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Use qEnvironmentVariableIsEmpty

parent 06e3c2b2
......@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ bool KGpgApp::newInstance()
// The environment variable has been removed in GnuPG 2.1, the agent is started internally by
// any program part of GnuPG that needs it, so simply assume everything is fine.
if ((gpgver < 0x20100) && KgpgInterface::getGpgBoolSetting(QLatin1String("use-agent"), gpgPath) &&
KMessageBox::sorry(nullptr, i18n("<qt>The use of <b>GnuPG Agent</b> is enabled in GnuPG's configuration file (%1).<br />"
"However, the agent does not seem to be running. This could result in problems with signing/decryption.<br />"
"Please disable GnuPG Agent from KGpg settings, or fix the agent.</qt>", gpgPath));
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