Verified Commit b21e76af authored by Vladislav Glinsky's avatar Vladislav Glinsky
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Merge duplicated .gnupg/* paths

parent 19c4826e
......@@ -23,16 +23,17 @@ bool resetGpgConf(QTemporaryDir &basedir)
if (! | QIODevice::Truncate | QIODevice::Text))
return false;
QDir dir(basedir.filePath(QLatin1String(".gnupg")));
QString confPath = dir.filePath(QLatin1String("gpg.conf"));
kgpgconf.write("[GPG Settings]\n"
"gpg_config_path[$e]=" + basedir.path().toUtf8() + "/.gnupg/gpg.conf\n"
"gpg_config_path[$e]=" + confPath.toUtf8() + "\n"
"[General Options]\n"
"first run=false\n"
// (re)create the home directory for GnuPG
const QString dot_gpg(QLatin1String(".gnupg"));
QDir dir(basedir.path() + QLatin1String("/.gnupg"));
if (!dir.mkpath(dir.path()))
return false;
......@@ -41,7 +42,7 @@ bool resetGpgConf(QTemporaryDir &basedir)
return false;
QFile conf(dir.filePath(QLatin1String("gpg.conf")));
QFile conf(confPath);
if (!
return false;
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