Commit f8d02bcb authored by Rolf Eike Beer's avatar Rolf Eike Beer
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only refresh keys after importing if at least one key was received

Otherwise all keys would have been reloaded when nothing was actually changed.
parent a30d9bd8
......@@ -2180,11 +2180,11 @@ void KeysManager::importRemoteFinished(int result)
KGpgReceiveKeys *t = qobject_cast<KGpgReceiveKeys *>(sender());
const QStringList keys(KGpgImport::getImportedIds(t->getLog()));
const QStringList keys = KGpgImport::getImportedIds(t->getLog());
if (result == KGpgTransaction::TS_OK)
if ((result == KGpgTransaction::TS_OK) && !keys.isEmpty())
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