Commit 55e53874 authored by Rolf Eike Beer's avatar Rolf Eike Beer

prevent updates to already deleted dialog

parent 56f39654
* Copyright (C) 2002 Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <>
* Copyright (C) 2007 Jimmy Gilles <>
* Copyright (C) 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014 Rolf Eike Beer <>
* Copyright (C) 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2016,2017 Rolf Eike Beer <>
* Copyright (C) 2011 Philip Greggory Lee <>
......@@ -156,8 +156,14 @@ KgpgKeyInfo::KgpgKeyInfo(KGpgKeyNode *node, KGpgItemModel *model, QWidget *paren
if (keychange)
if (keychange) {
// make sure anything that happens as result of the selfdestruct does not call
// out into a method of this object again, as it is under destruction and that
// can cause crashes (see bug 373910). Since ~QObject has not been run yet the
// connections are not yet removed automatically.
disconnect(keychange, &KGpgChangeKey::done, this, &KgpgKeyInfo::slotApplied);
void KgpgKeyInfo::reloadNode()
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