Commit 89ef50cc authored by Rolf Eike Beer's avatar Rolf Eike Beer Committed by Rolf Eike Beer

fix output filename constructions for files passed on the commandline

parent a7a44be2
......@@ -367,7 +367,7 @@ void KGpgExternalActions::decryptFile(QList<QUrl> urls)
oldname.append(QLatin1String( ".clear" ));
QUrl swapname(first.adjusted(QUrl::RemoveFilename).path() + oldname);
QUrl swapname = QUrl::fromLocalFile(first.adjusted(QUrl::RemoveFilename).path() + oldname);
QFile fgpg(swapname.path());
if (fgpg.exists()) {
QPointer<KIO::RenameDialog> over = new KIO::RenameDialog(m_keysmanager,
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