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    Transform ColorSchemeEditor class from QWidget to KDialog · 2b8d43ef
    Kurt Hindenburg authored
    Move some code from EditProfileDialog::showColorSchemeEditor
    * a part went in the slot EditProfileDialog::saveColorScheme
    * a part becomes obsolete since ColorSchemeEditor is the whole KDialog
    * a small part went into ColorSchemeEditor constructor
    Make ColorSchemeEditor a non-modal dialog : The terminal is not frozen
    when the dialog is open
     - The Kdialog has an Apply button
     - Some safeguard to check that there is only one ColorSchemeEditor open
     - Use reference rather than pointer in ColorSchemeEditor interface
    Thanks to Renan for improving on Konsole's ColorScheme.
    Patch by renan fargetton renan.fargetton@gmail.com
    REVIEW: 110560
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