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    * Update the regular expression for the Url filter.  Anything in the form
      letters://any-non-whitespace-characters is treated as a Url
    * Correct the test which compares the old and new values and ranges when
      updating the terminal display's scroll bar.  
      This fixes the scroll bar being repainted unnecessarily often.  Found
      with the nifty QT_FLUSH_PAINT debugging tool.
    * Select the profile name (set to "New Profile" by default) and focus the 
      profile name edit area when showing the Edit Profile dialog for a new
      profile to allow the user to easily set the name.
    * Always use color scheme list animation, not just when the Edit Profile 
      dialog is first displayed as per richmoore's suggestion. 
    * Update Edit Profile dialog caption when profile name is changed.
    * Update favorite status icon in Manage Profiles dialog when the favorite
      status is changed by another object.
    * Add disabled menu item which is shown in the 'Change Profile' list
      when there are no other profiles there
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