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    Disable the advanced feature of "CommonDirNames" for "%d" by default · 5a936adb
    Jekyll Wu authored
    The main consideration is it is more often confusing than helpful for
    average users, especially when this feature was hidden, undocumented and
    enabled by default.
    The "CommonDirNames" list in the code is now empty by default , instead
    of a list of hardcoded common names.
    To enable and customize this advanced and potentally confusing feature,
    edit $KDEHOME/usr/share/config/konsolerc and add the following lines:
    For konsolepart users, edit the config file of the hosting application.
    I'll add related information for this hidden & advanced feature into
    handbook later.
    REVIEW: 103949
    CCMAIL: robertknight@gmail.com
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