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    New backport (??) from KDE3: now each profile can enable/disable BiDi... · 60f0a0a5
    Diego Iastrubni authored
    New backport (??) from KDE3: now each profile can enable/disable BiDi rendering in the display. We need this since many console based application (vim, emacs, fribidi etc)
    implement their own BiDi algorithm. There is also another reason: comatibility. All terminals are *not* aware of the BiDi issue and do not re-order the chars
    (gnome-terminal, xterm, konsole, etc). It is possible to enable the BiDi rendering on each profile, so this is not a huge lost. I am still missing the keyboard shortcut to
    quickly enable/disable it (alt+control+b in konsole3), but I am not sure what is the best way for doing it.
    A quick note about the implementation:
    In QPainter3, there was an option to draw a text and tell the painter "please do not implement BiDi". In QPainter4 (up to 4.4) there is no such option. I am forcing it by
    drawing  "painter.drawText(rect,0,QChar(0x202D)+text)" (that is &LRO;), and it does seem to work, but I find it kinda "hackish". I will open a task in Trolltech and
    request that new feature. Hopefully by Qt4.5/KDE4.2 I will be able to change the implementation.
    svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdebase/apps/konsole/; revision=791374