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    * Fix problem where selection background and other text with non-standard background
      colors was not readable with terminal display transparency enabled.
    * Transparency works again, but requires --enable-transparency argument passed to command-line
      due to artifacts that appear otherwise.
      Re-enable the code which searches for a suitable display, visual and colormap when
      starting the application in an environment which supports compositing.  Still
      need to resolve with other developers exactly how this will be done in KDE 4.0
    * Fix problem where flow control warning banner was always displayed when 
      Ctrl+S, Ctrl+Q were pressed, regardless of whether flow control was 
      actually enabled.
    * Fix artifacts when scrolling whilst the flow control warning banner was 
      visible.  Scrolling optimisations in the terminal display are disabled whilst
      the warning banner is being shown.
    * Fix links which wrapped over more than one line being cut-off at the end of the line
      (eg. when parsing "http://www.kd <END OF LINE> e.org" the link address would be reported
       as "http://www.kd" instead of "http://www.kde.org").  The link underlining is not yet 
       corrected, only the part of the link on the first line is highlighted.  
    * Implement code to load and use a built-in keyboard translator for fallback purposes
      in case no .keytab files exist.  The actual translator text (in DefaultTranslatorText.h)
      is currently incomplete. 
    * Replace hard-coded colors for flow control warning label with colors from
    * Replace hard-coded colors in incremental search line edit when a match is not found
      with colors from KColorScheme
    * Remove un-used variables in TerminalDisplay class, rename enums to match
      CamelCase naming style used elsewhere.
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