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    Don't clear line rendition on EL and partial ED · e1e832f5
    Luis Javier Merino authored and Kurt Hindenburg's avatar Kurt Hindenburg committed
    EL (Erase Line) should not reset the line rendition attribute to
    single-width. ED (Erase Display) should only reset it for completely
    cleared lines. ECH (Erase CHaracters) should obviously not reset it.
    DECSED and DECSEL (Selective Erase, not supported by Konsole) should not
    reset it.
    This fixes a vttest test where a line is set to double-height-top and
    then EL before writing its text and the double-height-bottom line below.
    Can also be tested with:
    echo -e "\e[2J\e[4;1HNormal\n\e#6DOUBLE\n\e#6DOUBLE\nNormal" &&
    sleep 2; echo -e "\e[5;3H\e[1J\e[8;1H"
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