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    Match OSC reply sequence terminator to OSC request terminator. · f4bc91f1
    Martin Hostettler authored and Kurt Hindenburg's avatar Kurt Hindenburg committed
    Traditionally konsole only was able to parse OSC sequences terminated with
    non-standard BEL. In 324d78c0 konsole was extended to parse sequences
    terminated by 7-bit ST (ESC \) as well. But the OSC responses were still
    hardcoded to reply only with sequences with BEL. But replying to 7-bit ST
    terminated sequences with a reply terminated by a non-standard terminator
    is wrong.
    This commit passes the terminator along and changes the response to match
    the original request.
    printf "\033]10;?\a" replies with "^[]10;rgb:fcfc/fcfc/fcfc^G"
    printf "\033]10;?\033\\" replies with "^[]10;rgb:fcfc/fcfc/fcfc^[\"