Commit 0776e625 authored by Luis Javier Merino's avatar Luis Javier Merino Committed by Tomaz Canabrava
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Uppercase DECRPTUI hex response

Other terminals (VTE, Terminology) send the DECRPTUI hex response to DA3
in uppercase, Christian Persch's esctest fork
( expects uppercase.
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......@@ -1045,9 +1045,9 @@ void Vt102Emulation::reportTerminalType()
void Vt102Emulation::reportTertiaryAttributes()
// Tertiary device attribute response DECRPTUI (Request was: ^[[=0c or ^[[=c)
// 7e4b4445 is hex for ASCII "~KDE"
// Tertiary device attribute response DECRPTUI (Request was: ^[[=0c or ^[[=c)
// 7E4B4445 is hex for ASCII "~KDE"
void Vt102Emulation::reportSecondaryAttributes()
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