Commit 0ecc366c authored by Luis Javier Merino's avatar Luis Javier Merino Committed by Kurt Hindenburg
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Fix crash on resize while doing other things

Commits 9ffe33a2 and
4352df00 introduce and use a
getScreenLineColumns(line) method to provide support for DECDWL
(Double-Width) lines.

It turns out that under some conditions on resize Screen::_cuY (the
current cursor Y position) and ScreenWindow::endWindowLine() can have
different ideas of how many lines the terminal has.

A test that asserts:

 - while [ true ]; do echo -e "\e[?1047h";  done
 - Resize the window, making it smaller

BUG: 436327
parent d5b290aa
......@@ -717,9 +717,7 @@ QVector<LineProperty> Screen::getLineProperties(int startLine , int endLine) con
int Screen::getScreenLineColumns(const int line) const
const int doubleWidthLine = _lineProperties[line] & LINE_DOUBLEWIDTH;
if (doubleWidthLine) {
if (line < _lineProperties.size() && _lineProperties[line] & LINE_DOUBLEWIDTH) {
return _columns / 2;
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