Verified Commit 0f6f9a2e authored by Antonio Russo's avatar Antonio Russo
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Do not look up old ColorEntry in editColorItem


 changed ColorEntry from a
wrapper around QColor to a typedef.  Before that change, the wrapper
needed to exist and have its color property set to the new color.

Now, there is no reason to access the old color at all.  Entirely
remove the vestigial code.
Signed-off-by: Antonio Russo's avatarAntonio Russo <>
parent f743469c
......@@ -174,9 +174,7 @@ void ColorSchemeEditor::editColorItem(QTableWidgetItem *item)
colorSchemeRow += 2*COLOR_TABLE_ROW_LENGTH;
QColor entry(_colors->colorEntry(colorSchemeRow));
entry = color;
_colors->setColorTableEntry(colorSchemeRow, entry);
_colors->setColorTableEntry(colorSchemeRow, color);
emit colorsChanged(_colors);
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