Commit 12c70174 authored by Andras Mantia's avatar Andras Mantia
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Fix build with g++ 4.8.5.

REVIEW: 129124
parent 6e2d3f4e
......@@ -873,8 +873,8 @@ void EditProfileDialog::showKeyBindingEditor(bool isNewTranslator)
QPointer<QDialog> dialog = new QDialog(this);
QDialogButtonBox *buttonBox = new QDialogButtonBox(dialog);
buttonBox->setStandardButtons(QDialogButtonBox::Ok | QDialogButtonBox::Cancel);
connect(buttonBox, &QDialogButtonBox::accepted, dialog, &QDialog::accept);
connect(buttonBox, &QDialogButtonBox::rejected, dialog, &QDialog::reject);
connect(buttonBox, &QDialogButtonBox::accepted,, &QDialog::accept);
connect(buttonBox, &QDialogButtonBox::rejected,, &QDialog::reject);
if (isNewTranslator)
dialog->setWindowTitle(i18n("New Key Binding List"));
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