Commit 17c3b962 authored by Tomaz  Canabrava's avatar Tomaz Canabrava Committed by Tomaz Canabrava
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Fix block selection on reflowed lines

parent d3080e7f
......@@ -1430,6 +1430,7 @@ void Screen::writeToStream(TerminalCharacterDecoder* decoder,
// if the selection goes beyond the end of the last line then
......@@ -1479,6 +1480,7 @@ int Screen::copyLineToStream(int line ,
int count,
TerminalCharacterDecoder* decoder,
bool appendNewLine,
bool isBlockSelectionMode,
const DecodingOptions options) const
const int lineLength = getLineLength(line);
......@@ -1550,7 +1552,10 @@ int Screen::copyLineToStream(int line ,
if (appendNewLine) {
if ((currentLineProperties & LINE_WRAPPED) != 0) {
if (isBlockSelectionMode) {
characterBuffer[count] = options.testFlag(PreserveLineBreaks) ? Character('\n') : Character(' ');
} else if ((currentLineProperties & LINE_WRAPPED) != 0) {
// do nothing extra when this line is wrapped.
} else {
// When users ask not to preserve the linebreaks, they usually mean:
......@@ -613,8 +613,9 @@ private:
//count - the number of characters on the line to copy
//decoder - a decoder which converts terminal characters (an Character array) into text
//appendNewLine - if true a new line character (\n) is appended to the end of the line
//isBlockSelectionMode - takes that in consideration while appending a new line.
int copyLineToStream(int line, int start, int count, TerminalCharacterDecoder *decoder,
bool appendNewLine, const DecodingOptions options) const;
bool appendNewLine, bool isBlockSelectionMode, const DecodingOptions options) const;
//fills a section of the screen image with the character 'c'
//the parameters are specified as offsets from the start of the screen image.
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