Commit 259a11c9 authored by Kurt Hindenburg's avatar Kurt Hindenburg
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Remove unused method writeSelectionToStream

parent 4572ecd2
......@@ -1227,15 +1227,6 @@ bool Screen::isSelectionValid() const
return _selTopLeft >= 0 && _selBottomRight >= 0;
void Screen::writeSelectionToStream(TerminalCharacterDecoder* decoder ,
const DecodingOptions options) const
if (!isSelectionValid()) {
writeToStream(decoder, _selTopLeft, _selBottomRight, options);
void Screen::writeToStream(TerminalCharacterDecoder* decoder,
int startIndex, int endIndex,
const DecodingOptions options) const
......@@ -483,17 +483,6 @@ public:
void writeLinesToStream(TerminalCharacterDecoder *decoder, int fromLine, int toLine) const;
* Copies the selected characters, set using @see setSelBeginXY and @see setSelExtentXY
* into a stream.
* @param decoder A decoder which converts terminal characters into text.
* PlainTextDecoder is the most commonly used decoder which converts characters
* into plain text with no formatting.
* @param options See Screen::DecodingOptions
void writeSelectionToStream(TerminalCharacterDecoder *decoder, const DecodingOptions options) const;
* Checks if the text between from and to is inside the current
* selection. If this is the case, the selection is cleared. The
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