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Remove an unused member

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......@@ -141,7 +141,6 @@ const Profile::PropertyInfo Profile::DefaultPropertyNames[] = {
{static_cast<Profile::Property>(0), nullptr, nullptr, QVariant::Invalid}};
QHash<QString, Profile::PropertyInfo> Profile::PropertyInfoByName;
QHash<Profile::Property, Profile::PropertyInfo> Profile::PropertyInfoByProperty;
// Magic path for the built-in profile which is not a valid file name,
// thus it can not interfere with regular profiles.
......@@ -344,12 +343,6 @@ void Profile::registerProperty(const PropertyInfo &info)
QString name = QLatin1String(;
PropertyInfoByName.insert(name.toLower(), info);
// only allow one property -> name map
// (multiple name -> property mappings are allowed though)
if (!PropertyInfoByProperty.contains( {
PropertyInfoByProperty.insert(, info);
const QStringList Profile::propertiesInfoList() const
......@@ -772,7 +772,6 @@ private:
bool _hidden;
static QHash<QString, PropertyInfo> PropertyInfoByName;
static QHash<Property, PropertyInfo> PropertyInfoByProperty;
// Describes a property. Each property has a name and group
// which is used when saving/loading the profile.
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